Pod Packs

Biblical resources that evangelize and equip inmates

The revelation of Your words brings light;
It gives understanding to the inexperienced.
- Psalm 119:130

One of the most common statements we hear from inmates after they have encountered the Kingstone Bible comics is, "I finally understand the Bible!" Many report that they struggle with reading and need graphical adaptations. The Comic Bible Society works with prison ministries to provide graphic Bibles to inmates. This is made possible by the gracious sponsorship of prison pod packs.   

All the books distributed in Pod Packs meet the safety requirements of most prisons by having a soft cover and perfect bound with no staples.

Basic Pod Pack
Sponsor the entire 6-volume set for $100 (shipping included)
Sponsor an individual book for $15

The basic pod pack includes six, softcover comics that span the entire narrative of the Bible. Starting at Genesis 1 and ending at Revelation 22, this six-volume set includes almost 2,000 pages of high-quality graphics with associated Scriptural text. The basic pod pack is an excellent resource for understanding the major books and themes of Scripture. The six books, being approximately 300 pages each, are shared within a pod so that multiple inmates can be reading through different portions of the graphic Bible simultaneously.

The basic pod pack includes Volume 1: Creation through Joseph; Volume 2: Moses to Judges; Volume 3: David through the Exile; Volume 4: Prophets through the Intertestamental Period; Volume 5: The Life of Christ; Volume 6: Acts through Revelation. 

The softcover version of the 6-volume set will be available for prisons in Spring 2023.

"We cannot thank you enough for your generosity and kindness! I was able to deliver all of the books you gave us in two days. I am now overwhelmed with requests for more, which shows how effective, popular, and in demand they are!"

- Email received from a prison chaplain after receiving approximately 70 copies including the graphic Bible, Eternity, and The Book of God.

Educational Addendum
Complementing the graphic Bible volumes are educational graphic novels that help solidify a strong foundation in the faith. The cost of these graphic novels average around $15.

The educational addendum pod pack includes:
1) The Book of God is a 128-page graphic novel that explains how we got the Bible, its trustworthiness, and reliability.
2) Eternity is a 120-page graphic novel detailing the parable of the rich man and Lazarus.
3) 101 Questions About the Bible and Christianity is an apologetics comic book that addresses the most-asked questions about the Bible and the Christian faith, such as: Why does God allow suffering? Is there absolute truth? How we can know that God exists?
4) The End of Time is a complete end-times series of comic books covering the Rapture, the Antichrist, the Millennial Kingdom, Hell, and eternity. The End of Time is one of the most requested books by inmates. 

Pod Packs Delivery & Restrictions

We work with various prison ministries and chaplains to supply books, ensure their delivery, and collect feedback. If you would like a specific prison to receive a pod pack(s), please leave that information (along with the prison chaplain's contact info) in the notes section of the pod pack sponsorship gift. We will do our best to fulfill your request; however, conditions and restrictions at prisons are always in flux, so we cannot guarantee specific deliveries or requests.

Pod packs are only supplied to certified prison ministries, chaplains, and churches. These ministries have ongoing evangelism and discipleship relationships with the inmates and will follow up after distributing the Bible comics with additional studies, counseling, and prayer. Personal purchases of the comics can be made at Kingstone Comics.

Make an eternal impact in the lives of inmates

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Pod packs may also be sponsored by sending a check to the Comic Bible Society with "prison ministry" noted on the memo line.
Thank you for your gracious support!