The Bible Explained in Every Language


A complete graphical adaptation of the Scriptures

The Bible Explained in Every Language


A novel reading experience that conveys the Gospel message

The Bible Explained in Every Language


The most comprehensive evangelistic tract ever

The Bible Explained in Every Language


Developed with the intent of saving souls

Welcome to the Comic Bible Society. We are excited to share how thousands of people are being impacted by a graphical adaptation of the Scriptures. 

Knowledge of God's Word faces two primary challenges. The first is access to the Scriptures. The second is a lack of engagement. The Comic Bible Society is a non-profit ministry that seeks to overcome these challenges by explaining the Scriptures through comic books and animation. 

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Announcement: The Comic Bible Society is currently undergoing a strategic transition that will allow it to better fulfill its mission of translating and distributing the graphic Bibles globally. Giving has been disabled during this time and more details will be shared soon.   

Global Missions

Every tribe. Every tongue. Every people. Every nation. This is the redemptive scope of our Lord's calling. Learn how we are contributing to His global work via the graphical adaptations of Scripture.  

Prisons & Correctional Facilities

Incarceration is often one of the most opportune times for responding to God's call. With thousands of requests from prison chaplains and inmates, the comic Bibles rank among the most popular books within correctional facilities. Learn how the Comic Bible Society is serving those behind bars in their journey to renewal by way of the gospel.  

Declare His glory among the nations, His wonderful works among all peoples.

- Psalm 96:3 (HCSB)

The work is not finished.

For thousands of years, believers, faithful to our Lord's Great Commission, have delivered the gospel message in various ways. As we strive to continue that work until His return, we appreciate the gracious support that makes this ministry possible. 

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What is the Kingstone Bible?

The Kingstone Bible is a graphic adaptation of the Holy Bible. This graphic novel clings closely to and honors the Biblical text but is not a word-for-word
adaptation. In a few places, conversations and occurrences are written that can be inferred or imagined from the Biblical text and history. This graphic novel is penned and illustrated with the highest respect to the Holy Bible as a reliable and God-breathed document - the Word of God.