Inmate Outreach

Providing the light of hope in a cell of darkness

"Today you shall be with Me in Paradise."
- Luke 23:43

In Luke's account of the crucifixion, Christ's final recorded deed before darkness descended and the Son of God bore the sins of the world was to affirm the salvation of a repentant criminal who was receiving the due penalty for his earthly crimes. The consequences of incarceration and the time to reflect are powerful catalysts for realizing one's spiritual imprisonment and the need for an ultimate Savior to usher us from captivity to eternal life. Thus, inmates serving time within the prison system make up one of the most fruitful mission fields that are ripe for harvest. 

The Comic Bible Society receives thousands of appeals from chaplains and inmates requesting graphical adaptations of the Scripture. 

The following are just a few samples of the requests and testimonies we have received.  

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“The Kingstone Bible is the most requested book at our facility of 1,600 inmates.” – Chaplain at a San Diego Correctional Facility

"I have spoken to many men, young and old alike, that had no interest in reading the Bible until they received some of these Graphic Novels and were intrigued by the stories to then request Bibles to learn more about the stories portrayed. We call that a huge leap to FAITH and real SUCCESS!!" - Chaplain at an Arkansas Correctional Facility

"I distributed a batch of the Kingstone comics that I received a year ago and our inmates are still requesting them." - Chaplain, North Carolina 

"May I please have a copy of all the Kingstone Comics that you have available? Please we are using them to get guys into the Word."

"I would like more Bible books that have pictures because I am more of a visual learner."

"I have ADHD and don't understand what I read very well. Would you please send me more of the Bible comics? It is the only Bible I have been able to understand." 

"Can I please have any of the Kingstone comic books available? I will make sure they get passed around."

"Dear chaplain, I am trying to acquire the (Kingstone) 101 Questions book and a Kingstone comic Bible. Please help and thank you."

"We work across 3,000 correctional facilities and the Kingstone Bibles are one of the most requested books we receive. Every week we receive requests for more of them!" - Prison Books Ministries

Sharing God's Word with Pod Packs

Correctional facilities are often divided into "pods" that house a specific number of inmates. Pod Packs are a collection of Kingstone books that provide over 3,300 pages of high-quality, graphical adaptations of the Scriptures and Christian educational material for these prison communities.

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Thank you, inmates!

The Comic Bible Society has a special appreciation for inmates because, if it were not for them, the Kingstone Bibles would not exist. Years ago, a three-year-old boy was following his father as he mowed the lawn. A piece of metal shot out of the lawn mower and pierced the child's stomach. After rushing the child to the emergency room, the situation looked bleak for his survival. The small-town hospital did not have sufficient blood on hand to save the boy from bleeding to death. However, inmates from the local prison lined up and donated blood so that the boy might live. Years later, the child, Art Ayris, grew up and founded Kingstone Comics.

Prison Catalogue

We offer discounted prices for chaplains and prison book ministries that desire to provide Bible comics to inmates within correctional facilities.  At times, we may be able to supplement prison-bound purchases of the comics with funds donated toward pod packs. If you are a prison chaplain or a prison book ministry, please submit a request below for the full prison catalogue.