Sharing God's redemptive story in one's heart language

...each one was hearing them speak in his own language.
- Acts 2:6

Nelson Mandela is quoted as saying, "If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart." God's redemptive plan for mankind, as revealed in the Scriptures, is the most important message of all times and ages. We strive to deliver that message in the most effective ways possible, which includes translations into the heart languages of all people groups.

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Our approach to translations

The Comic Bible Society has close to 70 translations in the works. It is our prayer that while Bible translators are working on the arduous task of translating the textual Scriptures, we can begin to provide a foundation of Scriptural knowledge and the gospel message with the graphical adaptation of the Scriptures. Or, the graphic Bible is an evangelistic conduit to those who have yet to believe. 

Our translation partnerships involve missionary organizations or groups that fund specific languages. Language partnerships include: Ethnos 360, Wycliffe Bible Translators, SIL International, Voice of the Martyrs, Reach Beyond, One HopeUnited Bible Societies, and others. 

Because quality translations involve multiple individuals translating, editing, and proofing the work, the generous support of donors is essential to making translations a reality. 

Languages of Asia

Azeri - started
Dari - started
Karakalpak - started
Kazakh - started
Kyrgyz - started
Pushtu - started
Tajik - started
Turkmen - started
Uzbek - started
Bampar - started
Bau Bidayuh - started
Bengali - 100% complete comic Bible
Burmese - started
Central Sinama - started
Chinese-Simplified - 100% complete comic Bible
Chinese-Traditional - 100% complete comic Bible
Hindi - 100% complete comic Bible
Indonesian - 100% complete comic Bible
Khmer - started
Malay -started
Malayalam - started
Nepal - 100% complete comic Bible
Rohingya - started
Russian - 100% complete comic Bible
Sindhi - started
Tagalog - started
Ukrainian - started 
Urdu - started

Languages of the Middle East

Arabic (Standard) - 100% complete comic Bible
Arabic (Tunisian) - started
Farsi - 100% complete comic Bible
Hebrew - started
Kurmanji - started
Syrian Turkmen - started

Languages of Oceania

Angan - in progress
Bislama - in progress
Dedua - in progress
Domung - in progress
Eastern Lawa - in progress
Ese - in progress
Fijian iTaukei - in progress
Iski - in progress
Kanite - in progress
Kuman - in progress
Maori - in progress
N. Ambryn - in progress
Pal - in progress
Patpatar - in progress
Suskundi - in progress
Tok Pisin - in progress
Tsoi - in progress
Waghi - in progress
Wambon - in progress
Waskia - in progress

Languages of Africa

Hausa - started
Kikuyu - The Story
Shempire - Mali
Swahili - New Testament 100% complete; Book of Job

Languages of Europe

Serbian - started
Turkish - 100% complete comic Bible

Languages of the Americas

Aruban Papiamento: started
Aymara: The Story
Haitian Creole
Papiamentu: Started
Spanish: Started