Our Global Approach

Providing God's redemptive story to the nations

That Your way may be known on the earth,
Your salvation among all nations.
- Psalm 67:2

The evangelistic mission of the Comic Bible Society is to explain the Bible in every language. Our approach is to develop solid partnerships with churches and missionary organizations that deliver the materials into the hands of those in need of Biblical truth. The following describes our 4-step process.

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Work with partners

Partnerships are essential to successful mission work. We seek to work with churches and missionary organizations in ways that amplify collaboration to reach the nations with the Gospel. This entails sharing a common vision, identifying challenges in the field, reducing duplication of resources, and optimizing impact. With all new partnerships, it is wisest to start small, bring a project to fruition, and then incrementally deepen the partnership while widening the scope of impact.  

Pictured: The Comic Bible Society and Kingstone team listening and strategizing with a mission's director from Ethnos360 regarding field use of the comics.

License content & translate materials

If an outreach project includes a language that the desired comic or animation materials has yet to be translated into, there is a small licensing fee associated with securing the materials from the original content provider, such as Kingstone Comics. This licensing allows missionaries to freely distribute the translated materials globally for the specified language.

To ensure high-quality, accurate translations, we require the materials to be translated by qualified, human translators (no machine-generated translations such as Google Translate). The Comic Bible Society can provide online translation tools that assist translation teams in collaboration and editing.

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Assemble the materials

Once materials have been translated, the lettering is inserted into the books, and voice recordings are dubbed into the graphical animations. Depending upon the sensitivity of the region where the materials will be distributed, professional printers can be utilized internationally to reduce costs, or comics may be printed and assembled by local teams of missionaries.

Pictured: Missionary book teams assemble the Bible comics for local outreach.

Distribute to field workers

The final step is the most exciting - providing the materials to missionaries and pastors in the field who then utilize it for evangelism and discipleship among the unreached. The incredible feedback we receive from mission directors and field workers regarding the fruitful impact of the graphical adaptation of the Scriptures among both children and adults is overwhelming and confirming.  

Pictured: A pastor who works in the mountainous regions of Oceania distributes newly translated Bible comics to a group of men he disciples. 

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